Why choose us?
The Nata is the most popular and widespread pastry in Portugal. With a century-old recipe, they can be found wherever there is a Portuguese community

We make Natas the old fashioned way; With the best ingredients, deep respect for its tradition and lots of love. They are shipped pre-baked and finish cooking in your oven. Smells amazing!
Five wonderful flavours
The original, unchanged throughout the centuries; Passionfruit, you to taste it to believe it; Matcha, for a sprinkle of Eastern mystery; Wild berries, for a zesty contrast; And chocolate, for pure indulgence!
Bringing Joy,
one Nata at a time
The Nata is one of the healthiest, most versatile pastries. It works as a snack or as a dessert, alone or shared. No wonder it’s conquering the world.
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